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Book Tag: 7 Things I Like In A Book

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I was recently tagged by Lori Wilt (@ficwishes – check out her beautiful bookstagram) on IG to do this fun book tag #7thingsilikeinabook, thank you for the tag and I loved participating. I have tagged a bunch of awesome bookstagrammers on IG so they can keep the ball rolling 🙂

Do check out my new bookstagram (@mbb_ayushi) too, I have started a new theme and I’m loving it! Would love to know your thoughts on it…

I think this tag is so cool and it really reminds me of the things I wish to see in books. Apart from the given – good writing, interesting characters, intriguing plot, I do wish for some other elements in the books I read. While participating in this book tag, I have come to realize that these elements really influence my book review ratings as well.

If you like this book tag or want to participate in it, do show the love and share it with fellow book bloggers 😀

Things I Like In A Book
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Now, let’s get to it and see what are the 7 things that I like in a book:

#1 Stories Told In Multiple Perspectives

The best part about multiple POVs is that it allows me to see the complete picture and not just from one set of eyes. It lets me see a situation from more than one perspective and if done correctly, becomes quite interesting. It keeps the narrative fresh and removes redundancy. I get to ‘reset’ between chapters knowing that the next one will bring in something new. Also, when the POVs alternate between chapters and ends with an intriguing sentence, I know I will want to get to the next part quickly which ultimately makes me read faster. Overdoing it with too many POVs is not desired and will only leave me confused. Two or a maximum of three POVs is the best mix in my opinion.

#2 Jumping Between Time Lines And Ultimately Building Up To The Present Day

I love Lianne Moriarty’s books for this reason. She does this quite a lot – starting the story with the present day and then going back and building it up. Or, when she alternates between current day and a day in the past. I just find this so refreshing and it is satisfying when all the bits start making sense and I have those Aha! Moments. This type of writing keeps me hooked to the book.

#3 Short Chapters

This is a big one for me. I just HATE it when chapters drag and go on and on and on…. Short chapters keep me glued to the book. When I read such books I usually finish them in 2-3 sittings. My attention span is really cringe worthy. Plus if a book just drags with super long chapters, I am more likely to put it aside and start something new. After all, there are thousands of amazing books out there.

#4 Well Rounded Ending Without Leaving Any Storyline Hanging

Another important one. How do you feel when you are invested in a book, in its characters (main or side), in their stories and in the end all you know is what happens with the protagonist, the book doesn’t tell you how it went for the others. Did she get engaged, did his son recover, did he find that job after all? It totally upsets me when this happens and definitely gets lesser stars in my rating. Having a HEA is important but please also tell me what happens with the rest. I NEED to know!!

#5 Enough Humour That Makes Me Giggle Often

I’m all for serious stories that talk about real issues but please make me laugh too. I’m poor and cannot afford so many tissue boxes! Jokes apart, I love a book when it can really make me laugh out loud. Usually it happens though the conversations but sometimes also the narratives are super funny and I just love it. I need that chuckle once in a while to keep me going. I won’t say that I’ll DNF a book if it isn’t humorous, no, I won’t, but I’ll definitely enjoy it more if it brings a smile to my face.

#6 Story Unravelling Through Conversations Rather Than Narrations

It is so much more interesting when a twist or an important segment of the story is disclosed through the conversation between characters instead of the narration of the story-teller. Don’t get me wrong, narration is as important. It can relay the meaning and sentiments behind dialogues and can move as slow as to describe each step or breath the character takes or speed things up and completely move forward or backward a chunk of time. However, dialogues can give stories a firm grounding, can make moments of a scene special while telling us how each character reacts to situations. Don’t you think?

#7 Witty Conversations And Subtle Romance

Witty banter is essential for my wholesome reading experience. It brings me closer to the characters and helps me understand their relationship with each other better. Plus, the teasing give-and-take banter between people who know and like each other makes it so much more interesting and relatable.  Let’s not forget romance. I’m a sucker of genuine, passionate but sophisticated romance. Throw in major erotic scenes and I’ll run away from the book. Make it subtle and pleasant and you’ll find me snuggling up in a cozy blanket and devouring the book.

So there we go. Those are some of the things that I really enjoy in a book and look forward to. Of course I don’t find all of these elements in every book I read but even if 2-3 of these are present, it makes me really happy. Enjoying what you read is so important rather than just increasing your number of reads to crush you GR Reading Challenge. I hope there are more books that have these elements and I shall keep reading and hoping to find these in books 🙂

Over to you. What are some of the things that you like in a book? Do you also like any of the elements I mentioned? Would you like to participate in this book tag? Share your thoughts with me.

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  • Jen

    Just reading your post has made me think that I haven’t read a book in years that has actually made me laugh aloud! How very depressing that is! So great post as always, but now you’ve reminded me can you give me a couple of suggestions to have me lol-ing all over the floor?!


  • Karletta Marie

    I’m loving your site design and content topic. What do I like in a book? I love true, inspiring stories. Stories that teach me to view the world through someone else’s eyes. Books that show me places I’ve never seen. Books that teach me about cultural and generational differences. Thanks for sharing,

    • Ayushi

      Thank you Karletta, I’m happy to know you like it. And lovely thoughts on the things you like in a book. Definitely important points!!

  • Dani

    I love witty conversations too especially in real life. As a book nerd, I can agree that I hate hanging ending. I love that stories that unfold through conversations. This is a lovely post.:)

  • Haley

    I agree with you on like all of these points lol buuuuuuut! I only like multiple pov if it’s not first person or unless they tell me who the heck is the narrator in like the chapter title cause then I’ll be confused for a couple of pages until I pick up on who I’m reading. Drives me nuts. Also, I think I feel most strongly about having short chapters lol.

    • Ayushi

      Totally with you on that. It can definitely get confusing and that’s when good writing can help! If the story unfolds in a way that subtly lets you know who is narrating then it gets truly interesting. And yay for short chapters 😀 xx

  • Marleen

    I couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to multiple perspectives – it keeps me totally engrossed. At the same time I am also a sucker for short chapters because somehow they trick me into thinking I can always keep reading, and subsequently the seduction of just ‘one more’ – makes me finish a book so quickly. I also love a-chronological narration 🙂

    • Ayushi

      Great! I’m glad to know that we more or less enjoy the same things when it comes to books. Thanks for sharing. It’s always nice to interact with like-minded souls 😀 xx

  • Susan

    I love witty banter and sarcasm/humor thrown in there too! I’m also with you on short chapters. I’m not sure why it makes such a difference. Two books can be exactly the same length but if one has 10 40 page chapters and one has 40 10 page chapters it makes a difference!

    • Ayushi

      That’s because when you have a 10 page chapter you tell yourself “It’s only 10 pages, I’ll read one more” and before you know it, you’ve finished the book. Whereas, if it were a 40 page chapter, you’re more likely to get distracted and do other things instead, slowing down the reading process. It’s just funny how human brain works, matter of perspective I guess 🙂

  • Kristina

    Such good ones, and nice tag I wanna steal!! 😘

    So much yes for short chapters; I also like multiple POV though I can’t handle more than three too well… too much people and you get me lost in the middle of the story xD same with going present day and backtracking (though in a dark dark wood by Ruth Ware was good to me), at one point or the other my brain will mess up the details..

    • Ayushi

      Hehee, steal away! Same here, 2 or max 3 POVs are enough. I like the backtracking bit a lot, as long as the dates are mentioned, I’m sorted 😀

  • Hannah

    Thanks for the tag! I totally agree with a lot of these – I much prefer short chapters, and I also love books told from multiple perspectives.

  • Heather @ The Frozen Library

    Wow, I agree with pretty much all of these! Though I have read a book with as many as five POVs and I was fine. But it was a middle grade contemporary, so it wasn’t too complicated. XD
    And I love time jumps that piece the whole story together. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr does that really well and it’s one of my favorite books. 😀
    And funny sarcastic dialogue is always the best!
    Oh I went to follow you on Instagram…only to find out that I was following you already. XD I’m new to Instagram, and my user is heather_frozenlibrary if you want to see. 🙂

  • Sam@wlabb

    Pretty much, all these things are awesome, but short chapters, humor, and tidy endings are something that are high on my list. Loose ends and open endings drive me nuts, and chapters that go on forever and just inconvenient. I hate stopping in the middle of a chapter. It’s like a crime.

  • Mari @ Musings of a (Book) Girl

    I definitely agree with you on short chapters! They make the book go by so much quicker. Plus, I hate stopping in the middle of the chapter, so it helps to be able to say I’ll do that after I finish this chapter and then actually finishing the chapter in a reasonable amount of time.

    • Ayushi

      Totally makes sense… Short chapters are the best!! I just fly though them if they are short, if not, I take ages to finish the book… That’s how my brain is wired I think… 🙂

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