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Reading With Toddlers: 10 Benefits

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Do you have a toddler? Do you always read to them or with them? If not, you should.

Reading has too many benefits and positive effects so cultivating the reading habit for your children will set them up for success early on in their life. It is amazing what kind of development toddlers could have just by reading aloud with them.

There are many studies that have proven that when you read with children on a daily basis, their vocabulary improves. Moreover, it also helps them understand about various topics and they can relate to the world and every day life better.

Parents should make this a priority as it will not only helps them raise smart children but will also give them time to bond with their kids.

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In this post I will be sharing 10 benefits of reading with toddlers so without any delay let’s dive in.

Reading With Toddlers: 10 Benefits

#1 Parent and Child Bonding

For busy parents, reading with your toddlers is a great way to bond with them. It allows your baby to get used to having you around and appreciate your presence. Babies and toddlers are usually fond of those they spend time with, especially when they play with them or try to communicate with them. 

Although their young minds may not completely understand what they are being read, they grow accustomed to hearing the sound of your voice and by doing this they get to know you better and understand you. So, start reading a book or a bedtime story with you children.

#2 Builds Their Communication Skills

When toddlers are used to reading books or being read to, they develop confidence in communicating with adults. Their communication skills improve because they are usually fast learners. The first things a baby starts noticing is the signs and gestures made to him/her, like let’s say when you’re leaving a friend’s house, you always tend to say “buh bye” while waving your hands. 

How many times have you noticed children doing the same without being taught? They are keen observers. When you read with them, they absorb the knowledge. 

#3 Quick and Better Brain Development

As a parent that indulges in reading with your toddler every day, you should know that it exercises your baby’s brain towards trying to understand the information you pass on to him/her.

This allows their brains to develop faster and better towards understanding information. This also prepares the baby’s mind and brain towards school activities and the ability to access and process more information.

#4 Babies Learn Quickly

The more you read with your toddler, the more he/she picks certain words you might tend to repeat. If you choose to demonstrate those words or act to them while reading, they understand it even better. Very soon you will notice your toddlers using those words in sentences. 

It’s a good idea to read to them so they get to learn good words rather than bad ones which embarrass you in public. Think about it.

#5 Develops Vocabulary

There is good chance your child will learn to speak like you or even better when you read to them every day. While communicating with toddlers, parents might often end up repeating the same words or sentences and this stunts their early development. 

Reading can introduce them to new vocabulary which will help them relate with daily life. 

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#6 Increases Empathy, Creativity and Imagination

Reading to toddlers can help them develop empathy. They tend to start relating to the characters and feel emotions.

Moreover, reading with toddlers develops their creativity and imagination skills. They start to imagine what will happen in the story or in the next page which enhances their creativity.

#7 Enhances Concentration Level

Do toddlers concentrate? They are just miniature beings and can they even concentrate? The answer to that is “Yes”. Your baby can concentrate when you are reading to them and when the reading comes with acting, all your movements and gestures grab their attention. 

Even if your toddler wants to keep flipping pages or exchanging books, reading consistently with them helps them stay concentrated and sit still for longer periods of time. This development will be a huge benefit especially when they start schooling. 

#8 Encourages Gaining Knowledge 

Young minds are naturally inquisitive. They ask questions and sometimes parents are unable to explain complex concepts. This is when reading with them can come in handy. It can help them relate to different concepts and explaining them things using examples of what they’ve read makes it easy for them.

The more you read to them, the more they want to know. It allows them to grow interested in different things and increase their thirst for more knowledge.

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#9 Great Source of Entertainment

These days it’s difficult to see a child without an ipad or some sort of screen. Too much of television is bad too. When you develop the habit of reading with toddlers early on, they can relate to it as a source of entertainment and thereby reduce their screen time which harms their eyes.

Moreover, you will be able to understand which characters or items interest them by their choice of books that they wish to read repeatedly. You will be able to identify their favorites and buying toys will become an easy task.

#10 Helps Character Building

Reading with toddlers helps them understand different topics and scenarios. It teaches them how to react to situations by showing them how the characters in the story react. They learn to identify right from wrong and good from bad.

All these things ensure they become strong characters themselves and are confident when placed in unfamiliar situations.

Reading with toddlers is a very crucial part of their overall growth and development. It can set them up to succeed in life as well-read children tend to perform better in all subjects. They choose the path of seeking more knowledge because of their exposure to different topics and their curiosity to learn new things.

As a parent you need to indulge in this act, to build your child’s understanding and communication skills which will make them ready for school life.

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Reading with toddlers
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Reading with toddlers
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Over to you now. Do you agree to these benefits of reading with toddlers? If you have some ideas please feel free to share them in comments so we can all learn.

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