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Why You Should Start A Book Blog In 2019

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This article is about one of my most favorite things (currently) in the world – book blogging! Although many book blogs have been around for years, I’ve started mine only very recently.

I’m still new in this bookish community and so I thought I will give you guys the push you need if you’re thinking about starting a blog in 2019. To be honest, I had heard about blogging (of course!) and I read quite a lot of blogs too. I love books, no doubt. But I had no idea that I can combine these two. A couple of months ago while I was scrolling through pinterest to find the most anticipated reads for 2019, I came across so many book blogs and that’s when it struck me. I can start a book blog too!

I got so excited about it that I straight away jumped into research mode (that’s what I do, if something interests me, I lose sleep over it!). I learned so much about GoodReads, Bookstagram, bookish jargon like ARC, TBR, etc. All I had were books (lots of them), a computer with internet and the passion for reading. Honestly, that’s all you need to start your very own book blog in 2019.

You must be thinking that you’re not tech-savvy enough to do this, well, guess what, neither am I. You don’t need to be a computer genius to start a book blog in 2019. These days websites can be created easily with drag and drop functions and there are tons of videos on youtube that teach you how to start a blog. Plus, because you all know how nice I am 😉 , I’ve curated a list of blogging resources that every new blogger should use, so you can find all the useful information at one place and not spend hours researching like I did.

If you’re still not convinced that book blogging is for you, then I’m here to tell you (and scream out loud) that “Yes! It absolutely is!” And if you’ve been reading my blog, you know how awesome and generous I am, and so I’ll give you a list of reasons why you should start your very own book blog. I know, I’m just too cool.

Already a blogger? Well, that’s awesome! You can still read on to remind yourself (and your family when they don’t understand why you are always glued to your computer) why you started it in the first place.

You’re welcome.

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So let’s dive in and see why you should start a book blog in 2019.

#1 You Can Rant On Without Interruptions

Your blog is your space, 100% yours. You can talk in a monologue for 3000 words or discuss the gorgeous new book cover for 7 pages and there’s no one to interrupt. It gives you an outlet to be yourself. Your friends and family will not be bored with your bookish rants anymore and you won’t be hanged on the Golden Gate bridge. Ah, that’s fab! Whatever you write about books, you’ll realize that there are people who would want to read it.

#2 You Can Be Part Of The Coolest Community Ever

I’m not kidding when I tell you that the bookish community on the internet is by far the coolest one I’ve come across. Be it on Instagram, GoodReads, Twitter, Pinterest or other book bloggers, people are just super warm and welcoming. You make some awesome friends who share the same interests as yours. They totally get you unlike the non-readers in your real life. They understand all your bookish pet peeves, your remarks and quotes and of course the awesome bookish memes.

#3 You Can Get So Many Books, Duh!

Okay, let me make this clear. If you want to start a book blog so you can get free ARCs, that’s not a good enough reason. But then again, it’s just awesome to receive an ARC (if you’re new, an ARC is an advance reader’s copy) and read it before it’s published to the world outside. You feel like you’re a superior immortal book dragon! If you think ARCs for reviews are free books, well think again my friends. You spend time reading the book and then writing a review for it so is it really free? Book blogging and reading really has to be a passion so that you can continue your journey and not quit 17 minutes after publishing your first post.

#4 You Can Start Writing Like A Boss

Yes, your writing improves a lot, and why wouldn’t it? You basically spend 1536397 hours a day on your book blog! You can choose whether you want posts to be fun and chatty (like this one, or at least I think it is funny) or it can be slightly formal like my book reviews. In either case, can you imagine how proud your English teacher is going to be. Yay! Thank you grammar tests.

#5 You Think You’re ‘The Crazy Book Lady/Man’, Think Again

Internet is a place where the word ‘weird’ has no meaning. No matter how crazy you think you are about books, you’ll find someone crazier. You think your bookish quirks are extreme, you’ll find someone more obsessed. Are you a massive Harry Potter fangirl, you’ll find an even gigantic one. You see, everyone out there is probably (translation: definitely) weirder.  So don’t feel scared, nobody will judge you. And if someone does (highly unlikely), just simply choose to ignore.

#6 You Can Attend Glorious Bookish Events

In the bookish world, there are tons of events happening all year round. There’s author signings, book tours, book expo and so many more. They are great opportunities to meet your favorite authors and other book bloggers. Imagine the connections you’ll make (and the mouth-watering desserts you’ll taste). Plus, you’ll finally get to ask your favorite authors those question that have been eating you alive.

#7 You Can Be That Cool Person In The Party

You can brag about your blog in the next party and be the cool one (Important: to be cool, do the right amount of bragging, don’t overdo it, just saying 😉 ) Like, literally, you’ll have so much to talk about – your recent conquests on social media, your conversations with NYT bestseller authors, the book event you attended, and so much more. Ready to deal with the paparazzi?

#8 Oh! The Influence You’ll Have On People

When people start knowing you and you really put out helpful and informational content, they will start taking your recommendations seriously. You know how much I love Liane Moriarty’s books and how much I talk about them on my Instagram. Imagine when you recommend it to people and they actually read them just because you said it’s fantabulous. Is it not the best feeling, like ever?

#9 You Can Build Your Ninja Team For Future

Are you thinking of authoring your very own novel in the future? If so, start with a blog. This will establish your readership early on and when you’re ready to roll out your book, bam!, you already have tons of people willing to buy it because they love what you write. You know what, even if you don’t plan to be a published author, it’s still nice to build your very own ninja team – at least they will always be there to read your rants on the blog.

#10 You Can Become A Social Media Stud

As your blog becomes more and more popular, so will you on social media, and then no matter what you rant about, people will shower their love. You’ll see your follower count keeps shooting up and you’ll make so so so many new and awesome friends who also like to rant about their bookish journeys. Be kind and return the love too and there you go, you’ve made some lifelong buddies. For real, sort of.

See how awesome it is to start a book blog? And you know what, I haven’t even given you the two most vital reasons!!

  • You get an excuse to drink as much coffee and eat as many chocolates as you want and just blame it on the blog and the stress of running it! How nifty!
  • You can eventually make money when your readership grows by placing ads, affiliate marketing or selling your own products AND finally get the financial FREEDOM you’ve been craving!

If these 12 reasons (10 + 2 bonus reasons I just gave you) are not enough to convince you, I don’t know what will. Just trust me. If you love to read and talk about books, START A BOOK BLOG. You won’t regret it!

Reason #13 You get to be my friend!! And who doesn’t want that? Right?

Tell me, are you convinced to start your own book blog this year? Do you have more reasons that I might have missed? Share them in the comments, I definitely need to know!

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    • Ayushi

      Hi Fleur, thanks for appreciating. I know what you mean, blogging can be a little overwhelming in the beginning. What really has helped me so far are making weekly to-do lists of tasks and monthly goals. I hope it will help you too 🙂

  • Elsie @ Tea and Ink Society

    When I started my book blog a couple years ago, I had NO idea how many book bloggers there were! I’m just starting to meet people now and enjoying the community I’m finding. I love that I get to read books and I’m “working” (;

    • Ayushi

      It was the same for me and now I’ve come to know some really cool book bloggers from around the world, I love being a part of this community 🙂

  • Jules Brown

    Building my own ninja team! I never knew that’s what I was doing – I love it!i (I already knew I was drinking way too much coffee). I’m coming at this from the book-writing side, rather than the book-blogging, but so much of your advice is transferable to us writers. Thanks for the post!

    • Ayushi

      I’m so happy to hear that, you’re most welcome! Ninja teams are super important, they will be your supporters forever and its always good to have people you can share stuff with. And coffee, there can never be too much of it! 😀

  • J. V. Speyer

    I’m an author, and I started up a book blog just so I wouldn’t feel guilty about taking time to read (instead of writing time). It’s still new, but I’m having a lot of fun with it! Thanks for your post!

    • Ayushi

      Congratulations on your book blog. I’ll definitely go and check it out. I love it too, it’s really a fun way to make so many new friends from every corner of the world. You can ping me anytime if you have any questions, I’ll try my best to help 🙂

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